Serran Desert

The Serran Desert

The Serran Desert



The Serran Desert lies in the eastern portion of Voreld, dominating essentially the entire eastern half of the continent. In relation to the Andorian Peninsula, it is to the northeast, further along the coast from Fort Sakura and past the mountains. The region is plagued by harsh winds, which have eroded a once fertile and overgrown land to little more than sprawling dunes with few areas of dirt that lack substance, nearly all precipitation being blocked by the mountains to the west. These sands extend almost all the way to the coast, where most of the fertile soil is. For this reason, great value is found in this coastal terrain.


The people of Serran are very enduring and headstrong. Far from united, the land is divided into separate kingdoms ruled by five Rakhaii who quarrel with each other in petty terrain skirmishes to grasp control of the only fertile lands. These Rakhaii, descendants of powerful people from a time long since past when Serran was a unified whole, have very different philosophies from one another, thus maintaining strife in this harsh environment where just surviving can be difficult enough. Combined with the roving bandits that make much of the desert a fairly lawless place, it isn’t uncommon to find many Serran immigrants who can afford the trip (or safely hide away) arriving by boat to Fort Sakura, in search of the fertile, bountiful lands and the hospitable and caring leaders.

The Rakhaii