Forellian Archipelago



1 – “Gleios” — Greek-themed, nation containing nearby islands

Birthplace of Adrian d’Arcangeli

2 – “Gerrik” Nordic, part Gleios, part Kurnish culture

3 – “Cru’un” Nordic, part Gleios, part Kurnish culture,

4 – “Les Astilles” Second Imardanian Conquest (5E Y357)

5 – “Avién” Settled by Imardin (3E Y179)

6 – “St. Pierre” Settled by Imardin (4E Y13), Monastery of Elys

7 – “Mirella” Settled by Imardin (3E Y165)

8 – “D’armon” — First Imardanian Conquest (5E Y81), contains “Fort D’armon”

9 – “Brennis” — Battling Imardin, Greco-Roman, Site of Zombie Campaign

10 – “Talguta” — Melting Pot, (should be large port) SINGAPORE!!!! chill guys (opium), changed hands a lot over time but now independant, whole island is city, imports food (apart from fish), cool place for pirates game

11 – “Akiro” — Japanese-themed, semi-independent colony of Ya-Jarang

12 – “Ghia” — Oriental-themed, two separate nations (
– Eastern kingdom “Ya-Jarang”, Capital “Tai’chun”, desires control of all Ghia, may have   extremely powerful siege weapons hidden

– Southern kingdom “Amkhara”, Capital “Yunteok”

– Northern region “Ghiasa” controlled by Nelghet, sparsely populated, barren growth-wise but rich in minerals

13 – “Nelghet” — Oriental, cold. Controls Ghiasa for the mining potential. Exports are mineral-based plus cocaine

14 – “Dakara” — Oriental, cold, exports lumber, exotic cold-current fish

15 – “Otaruhi” — Oriental, temperate, protectorate of Amkhara

16 – “Visha” — Bengali-themed, tempero-tropical, powerful land-force of warriors

17 – “Mai’okon” Polynesian, Battling Imardin, influence over lots of smaller islands nearby

18 – “Cianthum” Battling Imardin, refugees from Chathra, Indio-celtic

19 – “Chathra” (non-Imardanian name) “Desrochers” (Imardanian name) — Recently conquered by Imardin (Still not fully incorporated) and named after admiral who led the conquest, Indio-celtic, tropical climate, sun-worshippers Really pretty and shit

20 – “Barrier Island” — Site of “Fort Victoire,” the 2nd most important fort in the nation and the port that guards the entrance to the Bay of Elys