Andorian Peninsula

The southern of the two prominent peninsulas of Voreld, the Andorian peninsula has a long and varied history. Until recently, it was a kingdom – the kingdom of Andor, from whence it derives its name. Dwarves settled in the valley of the peninsula hundreds of years ago under the leadership of the first king, Andor, and quickly cemented their claim on the territory. Since then it has quickly become a prosperous center of trade, with Andor as the primary trade hub until its collapse, and Fort Sakura filling in the gap Andor left after its fall. The region is perfectly suited to its current role as a trade hub – as a midway stop for ships traveling between Serran and Tulrisse – and the fertile farmland and bountiful mines help to make the stop worth any merchant’s time.

Despite its current status, the peninsula – once just known as the Southern Tip – has had a primarily dark past. Long before Serran spanned Voreld as THE power, and its subsequent collapse, the Andorian peninsula was the home to an ancient and powerful empire of its own. Known now as Kandoras, though its real name has been lost to the ages, this empire ruled the entirety of the peninsula itself as well the southern portions of modern-day Tulrisse and Serran. The capital city of this empire is said to be located in what is now a large bay, and legend says that the island to the southeast of the peninsula – which is known as Kandoras as well – once occupied this very spot. It was, as the legend states, split from the mainland after the empire angered the gods, and this split is said to be the cause of the empires subsequent collapse. Of course, all of this is incredibly speculative, and so little information exists about the region pre-Andor that many debate whether such an ancient empire ever actually existed.

For better or worse, most of the peninsula’s past has been shrouded in mystery. A mysterious cave near a rocky shore off the region’s eastern coast has long been feared by sailors far and wide, and an oddly-tropical island houses a volcano that has often deterred settlement. Some say a tribe of cannibals dominated the area before the Andor dwarves moved in and eradicated them. Some say that a cult of dark magic practitioners lived – and perhaps still live – hidden in the dense forests that dominate the landscape. Some believe feral wolf-people once existed in the region, humans raised from birth by wolves and adopting their animalistic ways. Speculation, all of it, and no proof to be found. Whatever the region’s past though, it is now an important place in the world and that is unlikely to change anytime soon.