Historical Timeline

Age of Myth

1st Era, Year 1 – Great Library in the Kingdom of Serran is completed. Recorded history begins.
743 Years long

  • 1E Y24 –
  • 1E Y59 –
  • 1E Y576 – Tulrisse becomes fully controlled by Serran Empire.
  • 1E Y731 – Imardin’s monotheism emerges, and its followers are pesecuted by Serran religious authorities
  • 1E Y742 – Quellamese Elves begin to emerge in boats on the eastern shores of Kurnhuelde
  • 1E Y743 – Era ends

2nd Era, Year 1 – The volcano Kresh Garuul erupts in Kurnhuelde, killing many and plunging the orc tribes into turmoil.
278 Years long

  • 2E Y1 – Serran sends military into the southern savannahs of Kurnhuelde to exert territorial pressure on the weakened orc tribes
  • 2E Y2 – Increasing numbers of Quellamese Elves arrive in Kurnhuelde, amidst war and are shunned and blamed by many tribes as the scapegoat for their troubles.
  • 2E Y3 – Serran Empire is unable to make ground against the effective orc defense, and pull naval forces from Imardin and Tulrisse to hit the shores of Kurnhuelde
  • 2E Y15 – Serran Empire pulls many land forces from Tulrisse to fight on their northern fronts.
  • 2E Y28 – Serran Empire withdraws from Kurnhuelde after a long stalemate; Kurnhuelde is left in a wreck
  • 2E Y29 – Imardin’s monotheism has become the majority in the region, and Serran continues religious persecution of the area.
  • 2E Y30 – The Northern Dwarven kingdoms show support of the oppressed Imardin people and seal the mountain passes across the mountains to weaken Serran.
  • 2E Y34 – Tulrisse becomes fully independent after the remaining Serran influences diminish.
  • 2E Y37 – Imardin revolts quickly and successfully
  • 2E Y275 – The Serran Civil war begins with the general in command of the Serran Legions in Azkahir declaring independence, styling himself Rakh Kel’ic Jurhas of Azkahir, and seizing control of Bravais
  • 2E Y278 – Era Ends

3rd Era, Year 1 – Complete collapse of the Kingdom of Serran, dividing the realm into 5 separate kingdoms ruled by the Rakhii. Imardin becomes the center of knowledge in the region.
223 Years long

  • 3E Y1 –
  • 3E Y223 – Era Ends

4th Era, Year 1 – The petty kings of the plains in Tulrisse successfully repel a large invasion from Imardin and unite under one ruler, Valcus Torinn I, of Kingsport, to form the Kingdom of Tulrisse.
146 Years long

  • 4E Y86 – Garrund, the Eastern Dwarven Kingdom’s mines run low, and Lord Andor starts an expedition south to settle a new kingdom in the unexplored southern peaks.
  • 4E Y88 – The expedition arrives in the valley and settles, sending word to the northern kingdoms for support and more settlers.
  • 4E Y118 – The Andorian Kingdom manages to connect to the dwarven highway, opening up more room for expansion.
  • 4E Y121 – Wolfrun Keep is founded on the North Eastern part of the Andorian Peninsula by Lokhir Aerden.
  • 4E Y123 – The trend of poor annual mine yields in Garrund finally ends as the mines are completely used up.
  • 4E Y128 – Chaos ensues after 5 years of new mineshaft operations remaining fruitless.
  • 4E Y129 – The monarchy of Garrund is overthrown and the Eastern Kingdom becomes lawless.

5th Era, Year 1 – Gunpowder is invented in Imardin, allowing them to return to military expansion – this time into Forelle – after their defeat at Kingsport.
589 Years long

  • 5E Y56 – Human settlers from Tulrisse make their way into the peninsula, intent on earnling a living by providing the Andor Dwarves with food, wood, and other things not so easily found in the caves and mines they inhabit.
  • 5E Y63 – Masaan Valley becomes a large farming community with bartering and no centralized town.
  • 5E Y117 – A Trade Lord in Tulrisse receives a mission from the Tulrissian King to found IEC, which soonafter becomes an independent colony

6th Era, Year 1 – A mysterious force erupts from a cave in the Andor mines, quickly overrunning the kingdom and forcing the dwarves to flee for their lives. Panic spreads across the continent at the news.

  • 6E Y2 – Baerin is founded after Andor’s downfall
  • 6E Y83 – Battle of Wolfrun