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 Post subject: The Rules
PostPosted: Sun Jul 27, 2014 7:43 pm 
Magical Liopleurodon
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1) Thievery isn't allowed.
2) If it isn't yours, leave it alone.
3) Don't leave floating tree-tops.
4) No use of any Flying mods, Xray mods, NoClip mods, SmartMovement or any other mods that give an unfair advantage (Deemed at my discretion, not yours.)
5) Do not build, mine, chop trees, edit the land, or in any way alter the area near spawn. Be at least 300 blocks out!
6) You may NOT build within sight of or near a player's preexisting work without their permission.
7) If you have read these, place "borscht" in your application thread somewhere.
8) No AFK grinding.
9) Do not beg the admins for teleports, spawned items, or /day.
10) Be respectful of the other players.
11) No automatic mob-traps or other mob-killers are allowed. (For more specific redstone and piston machines, check with an admin about legality.)
12) All exploits, bugs, or other errors encountered must be told to one of the admins or OPs.
13) No Glitch-pillaring via the Residence plugin.
14) If you are inactive for longer than a couple weeks without notice (ie, without posting something on the forums), your base may be removed.
15) Do not mess with public transportation. If a creeper blows it up, ask an admin to fix it.
16) Your buildings must not be made of only cobble or only planks. Vary it up by watching a guide or two or ask for some design help from other players.
17) Any long stretch of road, railroad, strip mine, tunnel (etc.) that spans several chunks needs to be approved before construction.
18) If you find some way to be a total douche-bag without technically breaking any of the rules, we reserve the right to ban you. (This doesn't happen very often, so don't worry.)

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