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Minecraft username: MissPlums

Your Age: 25 years young!

Have you ever role-played before? If so, tell us your experience with it (this does not include role-playing video games such as Skyrim): I haven played on several servers, My roleplaying began around seven years ago on minecraft and from then on different servers!

Have you read all of the rules?: I have.

Tell us about yourself. Why are you interested in joining, what do you have to offer the server?:
Well I'm MissPlums, Or commonly referred to as 'Plums', I left my old server of four years around a month ago, Looking for a smaller, closer knit community, On my old servers, I've been staff, build team, Event team, Lore team, I've done it all, and i'm not stranger to helping, So i'm looking forward to that if i'm needed! I work as a Pre-school teacher in my OOC life, I'm an avid gamer, and reader, I am also a big fan of classic rock, Metal music most youngens don't listen too anymore (such a shame) I'm unsure what else to write here.

What three MCMMO skills would you like? (If you do not know anything about MCMMO skills, read up on them here.): Herbalism, Graceful landing and Wood cutting!

In-character Info

Character Name: Eala.

Character Age: 113

Character Gender: Female

Write a backstory for your character. It need not be super long, but it should be at least a paragraph or two and should be interesting. This will be one of the main things that we consider when reading your application, so be creative:

Eala would puff her cheeks as she brushed her long, luscious locks strayed from there place under her neatly made headdress, She would attempt to tame the hair slightly before smiling, looking upon the new lands she had wandered too.
She would be of fair skin now pricked with gentle pink cheeks as she caught her breath, Her auburn hair would trail way down to the floor with ease, it's length somewhat cause for her warmth and sharp breaths.
The dress she wore was that of a delicate and foreign material, she would brush down her torso resting her hands on her stomach, The green and gold fabrics complimenting her fair skin beautifully. Her eyes, Spoke on a harsh truth, A darker truth, She wasn't just wandering, She was running, From a life long gone, A kingdom once loved, A life, She no longer wanted, Her power, Her efforts, and wealth, Gone, Finally, Wishing to start a new life, She glanced off to a nearby forest, Her head tilted delicately, A rogue hair falling from it's position and she smiled widely looking to the trees, She was no stranger to hard work. 'How hard can rebuilding a life be?' She spoke to herself, Her voice although a little dry was delicate and well pronunciated, She would gracefully patter along the wild grasses, running her hands through the longer ones delicately touching them with a softened giggle, Her footsteps gentle due to her feet being bare. A quirk she picked up as a child, To be one with the nature around her, she wished to feel it at all times, Even in times of war and meetings, She would only ever wear shoes for the odd wedding or ceremony.
Once she had closed the gap to the trees, She took a deep breath in, Closing her eyes as she took the musky, earthy smell of the forest in with relish, She opened her eyes slowly as her right hand rested on a nearby old oak, She spoke with such a whisper only the wind would hear her. 'I'm home'.

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We appreciate the interest, but we are no longer accepting server applications as the server has been taken down. Good luck in your search.

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