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Rewriting the back story for Morwen.

Age: 30

Morwen was born into slavery, her parents owned by a clan of orcs. Her childhood wasn't fun and play, she learned quickly that she must obediently tend to the chores or risk being whipped.

She tended to the apothecary, she watched closely and carefully as the alchemists brewed their potions and learned how they brew potions and poisons. She tended to the fields, taking note of where the herbs grow that are used in the potions.

Morwen wasn't able to speak freely with others, not even her chain sisters and brothers. So she spoke softly to the wolves and horses that she tended to. She learned how to tame the wolf pups and would play with the wolves, hoping she wouldn't be caught.

Her last night in that life started just like all the others, except for the fact the slaver forgot to do something. Carguk had been at the feast all night, drinking so much mead he could barely walk. He took the slaves to their kennels, locked them up and went home to sleep and recover from the long night of drinking.

Morwen noticed the lock on her kennel wasn't secured, she would finally have a chance to escape after 25 years. But does she dare try to escape this hell? If she can sneak out quietly, and unnoticed she could get far away from here before they all wake up. She doesn't know how life outside this hell would be, but she knew it would be better. She thought hard debating if she should take the risk, if she is caught she will be whipped, or worse. She's seen slaves killed for trying to escape, or had their tendons cut so they couldn't run.

She could hear that all was quiet in the halls, so she took a deep breath and quietly slipped the lock from its latch and opened the door to her kennel. She crept quietly through the door and peaked into the grand hall, there were some passed out on the tables and floor. Morwen quickly and quietly weaved through the maze of tables and orcs and made her way outside.

Her heart was racing, as she crept through the gate. She could hear the unholy spawn groaning in the darkness, she hesitated for a moment. There really is no turning back now she thought to herself, then she darted into the darkness, running through the trees.

She made her way to the docks, raided one of the food supply chests, and climbed into one of the small boats. She didn't know where she was going, other then as far away as she could get from the orcs.

She drifted in the open water for what felt like forever, watching the sun rise and fall, and listening to the waves of the ocean. She woke up to her boat settling on the beach. The sun was rising on her new found land of freedom.

She traveled quietly and lived off the land alone for 5 years, never staying in the same place for long, in fear that she may be found again. She made her way up to the top of some snowy mountains and saw something that was new to her. It was a fortress of some kind with a village within it's walls. The architecture was different then that of the orcs, so she cautiously made her way to the town, and noticed something a bit strange. The people that lived there looked like her, only their ears were smaller.

She watched the town for weeks, seeing how they interacted with each other, and the others that came to the town. It seamed to be peaceful, and not as chaotic as the orcs were.

Morwen took a deep breath and made her way to the town gate of Lakewood...

This is where her new story begins.

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