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A message carried to Lord Dreydon:

Your Lordship,

After being commissioned by you to find the Lost City of Gerdonia, I have exciting news that may call for an ale! As you know, my family line is from Gerdonia (Dwarven), and the tales of lore about it have been passed down through many of my forefathers. It spoke of a mighty port, that once cartered to the many ships from far away lands, and Grand Halls that would bewilder you. They tell tale of rooms for every trade and craft, and a terrarium, where they grew food stuffs. A big tale is of the thermal baths, and the portal to Hell. Another was a tavern, my favorite lounging places, to fit anyones fancy and served ale, beer, and food to your liking. It was a very beautiful city, for the likes of us dwarves. With so many things to see and do. But no one has seen it for centuries.
Well, my rugged son and I, followed notes taken from the lore handed down in the family, and tried to track down and locate a few things that would be clues to the cities whereabouts. After many days scouring the shores of this land, and many kegs of ale, we finally found the remanents of an old port, in total ruin now. It was near this port, that the entrance to the city was. Whilst poking around on a sandbar, we found a small crevice, obviously formed by an earthquake. We ventured down into the crack, and 'Behold', there was the great rift they called the Cleft. A second clue to the cities location. Venturing through this treacherous cleft, to and fro we went, looking for anything that would tell tale. Exhausted, hungry, and beaten to ribbons by the hostile underworld creeps, we were about to give up. Driven into a corner of the crevice and on our last leg of hope, my son tripped on something and fell. When I bent over to grasp his arm to help him up, mine eyes beheld the finely carved etchings on sandstone block. By Cleo's Kegs we had found a stone from the entryway to the city. We managed to venture back out, build a temporary home on a hill, and erect a monumental lighthouse to mark the place we found the old port. We spent the next few weeks exploring the cleft, and eventually, found a passage, full of fill from cave in's most likely from the same earthquake that put the great port into the sea. Through much laborous work, we dug out that passage, very carefully, since we were lookin at a historical landmark. The tunnel went very far, as a corridor would, slowly descending into utter darkness. When we finally broke through the last of the fill, it opened up into the most beautiful Grand Hall a dwarf would ever see. Even more beautiful than ones imagination saw it during the tales of lore. It is THERE! Gerdonia! The Lost City of the Dwarves.
So, being of that bloodline, and my son and I the only blood left from Gerdonia, as far as we know, I have laid claim to this city, and intend to restore it to its total previous glory. There is no clue as to what happened to the inhabitants, except for maybe they were sealed in by the quake, or some kind of plague hit, since there are alot of undead down there. But we've managed to clean up the palce to some splender. We were amazed to find iron golems still patrolling the Grand Hall. Well, you know us dwarves and our mechanizisms.
If you send anyone to our newly found Lost City, just make sure they understand there will be no looting, no defacing my forefathers achievements, and no drinking at the tavern without paying for it! and by the by, the story of the so called thermo baths...... there really there, and their incredible! Lots of fancy stonework every where. The Glowstone lights still shine brightly. More so, after we dust them off a bit. We shall have a feast there one day when things get restored. Thank you, for your commission to find it, giving me the inspiration to get off my lumpy buttocks and do it.

Ps. By all means, don't enter thinking your safe as a button in a buttonhole, your not. We are constantly invaded by the undead and their minions. There is also a portal to Hell as legend put it, so we daily encounter badies.

Lighthouse to the Cleft = 859, 108

Signed exclusively;

Jacob 'Ale keg' Wiezen

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