You find yourself on a large ship docked in the Port District of Fort Sakura, a city owned and watched over by the ever vigilant and honorable Order of the Cherry Blossom. The shouts and calls of sailors reeling in the heavy, clanking anchor create a din that you cannot ignore. The briny scent of today’s catches fills your nostrils, and you set out into the city — your belly rumbling a dissenting note.

The reason you have arrived is known only to you. Perhaps you are a traveling immigrant, escaping the harsh winds and constant strife of the Serran Desert; allured by the lush and renowned fertility of the Masaan Valley, you hope to settle down comfortably. Perhaps still you are a young dock-worker, employed by the boat-keepers of Fort Sakura; you swore that one day you will join the knights of the Order to follow its Code and protect the Fort. Or perhaps again, you are a noble arriving from a very successful trade excursion in foreign lands; you’ve wished for weeks to return to rest in front of the nostalgic hearth in your manor.

The possibilities are endless. The choice is yours. The realm awaits.