GROM’s Medieval RP Server is a medieval-fantasy roleplaying Minecraft multi-media server project hosted by a few guys who aim to create an immersive and kick-ass role-playing experience intertwined with being part of a great community.

You begin your experience on the Andor Peninsula, a sub-region on the continent known as Voreld. You find yourself on a large ship docked in the port of Fort Sakura, a city owned and watched over by the ever vigilant and honorable Order of the Cherry Blossom. The reason you are on this vessel is known only to you. Perhaps you are a traveling immigrant, escaping the harsh winds and constant strife of the Serran Desert, allured by the lush and renowned fertility of the Andor. Perhaps you are a young dock-worker, employed by the boat-keepers in the Port District of the Fort, hoping to one day join the knights of the Order to follow its Code and protect the Fort. Or perhaps you are a noble, arriving from a very successful trade excursion in foreign lands, wishing to return home to rest in front of your nostalgic hearth in your manor. The possibilities are endless. The choice is yours. The realm awaits.